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Starting June 21 Ship Orders for Campers Arriving July 7th Will Be Held for Pick Up at the Scholarshop

Starting June 28 Ship Orders for Campers Will Be Held for Pick Up at the Scholarshop

Camp Hours Are in Effect through Sunday, August 4th

Arts Camp Uniform

Get everything you need for the Interlochen Arts Camp uniform: light blue and white polos, navy blue bottoms, and age division identifiers like socks!

Please include your students name and start date in the notes for orders being shipped.

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Alumni Corner

Are you missing your time spent between the pines? Grab some Interlochen alumni apparel and accessories to help bring back those magical memories.

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Interlochen Alumni

$36.99 USD
$11.99 USD

The Fighting Blueberries

Celebrate our athletic teams with merch featuring our fierce Fighting Blueberry!

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The Fighting Blueberry

$19.99 USD