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Method of Movement by Leigh Howard Stevens is one of the most comprehensive method and technique books on the planet, fully breaking down and explaining the Stevens technique through diagrams, descriptions, and exercises.

Broken into three parts, "The Method Of Movement" "Exercises" and "Ten Years Later" Method of Movement provides everything needed to know about the Stevens technique. The first part has over 40 pages of technical descriptions and diagrams to ensure that the technique is properly established…detailing mechanical aspects of the hand, fingers, and arms that ensure proper stroke and sound quality.

Part Two has over 30 pages of short exercises to reinforce and build technique, with 590 different exercises total. Each exercise contains a short description of why the exercises was written and what it works on. The third part "Ten Years Later" provides insight from Stevens written 10 years after the books publishing, discussing the impact of the text, other ways to use the text, discussion of marimba repertoire, and much more!

Method of Movement is a landmark text in percussion education, and is a must have for anyone looking to seriously study marimba. The exercises are great tools for marimbists no matter which grip and technique they use, and the technical description should be required reading for anyone using the Stevens technique.