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This Veridian Steam Inhaler & Beauty Mask provides an easy way to get safe and effective steam inhalation therapy right at home! This convenient respiratory vapor therapy system effectively opens your breathing passages and reduces inflammation. Steam inhalation therapy assists with soothing respiratory discomfort and relieving symptoms caused by allergies, colds, flu, laryngitis, and more. This system heats up quickly, proving hot steam in just 60 seconds with fast treatment times ranging from 6 to 9 minutes. Whether you use tap or distilled water, this convenient steam inhalation system provides the same great results. User-friendly features, like an adjustable extension tube height and adjustable particle size steam control function, keep you comfortable and in control during use. A small cone mask can be used to direct steam directly to your nose and mouth, while the large mask is ideal for facial treatments. Get natural, hot steam inhalation therapy with a quality Veridian Steam Inhaler & Beauty Mask!