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Preface: Developing Dexterity for Snare Drum is a collection of stick exercises and patterns designed to aid the snare drummer in developing ease, control, smoothness, and evenness in his handling of the sticks. It has exercises covering a wide scope of technique including single strokes, rolls, flams, parradiddles, rebound strokes, finger strokes, and other aspects of snare drum technique. The number of possible combinations in a book such as this is infinite. The problem in assembling such a collection as this comes in selectivity. The exercises selected have been used by the author with success in his teaching and it is hoped that they will be of value to others. No attempt has been made to present the exercises in proper sequence according to difficulty. Rather the exercises are categorized in groups pertaining to various phases of technique. When practicing these exercises the drummer should always strive for relaxation. The exercises should be practiced in various ways. They should be practiced starting slow - building up speed - then slowing down. They should be practiced at various dynamics; soft as well as loud; using crescendos and diminuendos. On many of the pages the exercises can be practiced in sequence as well as individually. Above all, it is of utmost importance that each exercise be repeated many times when practicing. Sufficient repetition is the key to developing mechanical facility and ease of playing.