WORDS FROM THE EDITOR: As a staple of any cellists’ repertoire, the Bach Suites are a monumental, lifelong journey of discovery, interpretation, creative problem solving, mental and physical dexterity, and change. The seemingly distant and unattainable final product is often nowhere in sight and can hamper the journey and discourage us, the artists striving to understand and interpret these master pieces. This edition is the result of thirty years of study and organization. This edition is based on common-sense solutions to technical and musical problems, but is based largely on the style, as we believe we know it, the early manuscripts, as well as being unapologetically influenced by modern technical achievements and instrumental advances. Lastly, this edition is a work of love for the gift that Bach gave to cellists and the music world. Every marking in this edition is meant to encourage and guide the performer towards a very narrow result of technical accomplishment but a very wide musical expression that includes special musical conversations among simple and sophisticated voices, real and implied harmonies and a large palate of tone color. ~ Jeffrey Noel Lastrapes