The present volume reproduces — directly from an authoritative Russian edition — the famous cycle of solo piano works that comprises a summa of Liszt's pianistic achievement, representing the maturation of his style over a period of decades. The Années de Pèlerinage (Years of Pilgrimage) consists of the Première Année(Suisse)DeuxiemeAnnée (Italie) — including the formidable "Après une lecture du Dante" — and its supplement, Venezia e Napoli; and Troisième Année. Also included in this volume are a number of related pieces: "Lyon," from Album d'un voyageur; the three pieces called Apparitions; the original version of Venezia e Napoli. In addition, new English translations of the Russian footnotes and of the editor's preface have been provided. Printed in a sturdy, attractive, and inexpensive format, this rich cycle of masterly works for solo piano belongs in the library of every serious pianist or music lover.