All Denis Wick metal straight mutes are made from high purity spun aluminium, ‘scotchbrite’ finished and bright silver anodised. The well known 5504 and 5521 trumpet and piccolo trumpet models are now complemented by a new straight mute for D trumpet and Eb cornet. There is also a new model for alto trombone which also suits flugel horns with older type small bells. The Denis Wick straight trumpet and trombone mutes have a brilliance and carrying power which make them the choice of the world's finest professionals. The trombone and bass trombone models work perfectly in all registers and are easier to handle than other makes. The baritone mute now completes the range of straight mutes for all the brass band instruments. The tuba mute has more clarity and is superior in all registers than any other so far developed. It is supplied with extra cork pieces to fit larger tubas. All Denis Wick straight mutes have excellent intonation and are well matched when played together.