The following sources have served as the basis for this edition: the autograph, a copy of the string parts, prepared in part by Brahms, and used as engraver's model, and, finally, a copy of the Simrock first edition with hand-written entries by Brahms ("Handexemplar" = author's copy). Primary source value has been accorded to the carefully written autograph. The more significant divergencies of the first edition are here regarded as probable subsequent changes by Brahms himself. The most important of these will be mentioned in the Comments at the end of this volume. Markings, missing in the sources, apparently due only to some oversight are here included. 2 Pianos, 4 Hands Series: Henle Music Folios Publisher: Henle Urtext Edition Format: Softcover Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven Editor: Hans-Werner Küthen.